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Frequently Asked Questions


11. Do I need a subdomain,Website or web hosting account? permalink

Yes. For It will be your site tracking, and with your ID Number will manage your business asap through your Virtual office. Then So you simply promote your tracking link to refer new members and make money.

12. How do I get paid? permalink

IMPORTANT! All associates can only receive payments up with their active current account. 

You are paid directly from your downline members inside your back office to your Paypal account (Worldwide) on a Credit or Debit card, or by direct deposit or Check (USA only).
Your 1st tier (DIRECT) referrals, our system pay you for each ACCOUNT from level 1 to level 11 a 10 % - 50% Commissions,Bonus, Rewards plus extra Daily,Weekly and Monthly commission depending on your account. 
Your 2nd tier (INDIRECT) referrals, our system pay you on each ACCOUNT from level 2 to level 11 a 1 % - 30% Commissions, Bonus, Rewards plus extra Daily,Weekly and Monthly commission depending on your account. 
Your 3rd tier (clients) referrals, our system pay you a 30% for UNLIMITED customers.
Your 4th tier (service acquired) referrals, our system pay you a 30% for UNLIMITED customers getting any service extra. 

13. Can I pay with credit or debit cards? permalink

Yes, we accept payments with credit and debit cards through Paypal System worldwide.Follow these steps to pay us if you already have a Credit or Debit card, go inside your back office or our website and search the products or the buttons payments and click on.

14. Can I Refer More Than Three People? permalink

Yes! You could invite unlimited people and they will be placed in your Matrix System.

15. What is a reference number? permalink

A Reference Number is a unique number that is generated upon successful completion of a transaction. It can be too found in your transaction activity box when you are logged into your Paypal account,or sent in your e-mail It is always in the following format and consists of alphanumeric characters: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

16. Do you give refunds? permalink

Your Commerce Account is non-refundable. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that it has already been paid out to our Associates. We never even handle that money - it is paid directly to our associates.

17. Can I change my details (address, email, password) after joining? permalink

Yes, the back office allows changes to your profile. The only thing you cannot change is your username. 

18. Do Associates have to "qualify" to receive payments? permalink

No. Once your downlines confirmed their payments on your levels you get paid even without referring a single person!,but just keeping you active.

19. How do I pay? permalink

1. Log in your account through http://www.relymarket.com/commerce/ or on upgrade site too.
2. Click a link marked "Payment" and click "Submit".

20. Can I promote my referral link and earn money being a free Associate? permalink

Yes Affiliation account only and for others No because we must pay your direct referrer (upline).

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