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Frequently Asked Questions


21. Can I promote or sell my own downloadables sytems or products? permalink

Yes, but on the main site to get income, but will be reduced by 50% to pay the fee associated with the sale of the product.

22. Can I take advantage of Special Products or discounts? permalink

Yes free or an extra special discount for accounts applicable only, for others will be different discounts.

23. Can I create my own Pay plan on my Products and Will Promote it in the Company System? permalink

Yes for accounts applicables only, but before you must notify to the company by email, contact, or via support, with full details and information about your products and plan in hands and when we approved it, then you will be allowed to integrate it and be featured in our system but it will be sharing 50% sale for the company and associates.

24. Can I buy products or pay plan with my earning Profits? permalink


25. Can we transfer money between associates? permalink


26. Can I use my platform bought in my own site? permalink

Yes, only if you need help to install it,you must pay an Installation fee through Site http://www.relymarket.com/commerce/order.

27. Can I inherit my account to my beneficiaries? permalink


28. How I download my Free,Special or Discounted products? permalink

Yes and All accounts applicables only must go to Main Site www.relymarket.com create an account to access on your products availables, just be aware that products purchased through the main site does not generate commission, to generate commission must be purchased through trading Site http://www.relymarket.com/commerce/.

Attention: all third-party products are not permitted resale outside the Associate site.

29. What I need to do after signup? permalink

**Note: After be joined choose your plan and then go on Main Store to make installment payments on Business packages or platforms that make the one time value package you chose, after make payment and pass your payment through fraud system confirming your purchase, you will receive a link to download it or we will setup your installation if applicable,it could take up to 1 business days, after 2 days if you do not get anything please contact us HERE.

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