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Forum platform

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 Advertisement  Monetizing system integrated

 Forum platform

 Global web Translator

 Media digital promotion

 Recommend Friends system integrated

 Membership system

 Backup site or files available

 Integrated payment systems 

• 100% Configurable

• 100% customizable

 Own rebranding

 Free Installation (If applicable)

 Free Support

- Buyer receive $50 Refund
Customers $100 Discount 
Instant save
- Associates  $200
Instant save and $25 Membership
discount included 
- $60 Monthly        Rent now  

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Forum: is the latest and greatest iteration of the popular bulletin board solution for Joomla,rewritten from the ground up, this forum supports both Joomla 2.5 and 1.5, and is built with forward compatibility in mind as Joomla releases new versions, also it includes many features expected in a modern bulletin board such as forum and board announcements, post attachments, new post notifications, RSS feeds and aggregation, censoring, user ranks, user feedback or ‘likes’ as well as ‘, post moderation and ratings, polls, private messaging and social bookmarks.

Ad Advertising: Is a ultimate Joomla banner component, add a banner in Joomla and add Joomla banners in different module positions, this is the perfect solution for you. Add Joomla ads; create Joomla advertising campaigns and much more.

Invite:  The most comprehensive Invitations system with native api contacts import, automated invitations, intelligent invites, rich invites content, tracking, points integration & much more.

Invite  not only gives the best tools to help users import contacts & send invitations via email & private messaging, but also give some great features like Rich content to improve the conversion rates of your invitation as well as automated invitations & reminders. 

Membership: create and sell subscription plans, let members subscribe for these plans and give them access to restricted resources (Documents, Menus, Modules, Pages, etc.).

Payment Form:  serve as a full featured Advertising system, it offers Social integrations for leading extensions like JomSocial & Community Builder, allowing you to let your advertisers do demographic targeting for their Ads & target any user segments on your site. It also can be used as a payment system which allows customers to pay for a service on your site, can be used as a simple event registration system or a courses registering system or even a simple ecommerce system where you sell several products....Whenever you want to collect information and get payment from your site members/visitors, try this Payment Form system.

Xcloner Backup: is a Backup and Restore component designed for Joomla! The purpose is to give users possibility to clone their Joomla installation and move it over the internet on any location.


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Forum platform
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