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Websubmitter.png - 23.04 kbStarting using the Webmaster Submitter system today to save money and automate your online advertising in less time the easy way.
Buy this powerful publisher of ads, all fully automated, with just one click your ads will be posted on thousands of different social and classifieds sites.
* One time payment and can use it forever
* Post unlimited ads
* Ads never expired
----- BONUS -----
Free domain name
1 Year Hosting 
1,000 Business Card
Included in the Webmaster submitter system

1. Top 2000+ Free classifieds [5 html main codes]  - ($99 value)

2. Free Updates and Free New sites added at regular intervals for life. [Now every 24 hours!] ($99 per year value)

3. NEW! 5000+ Instant Classifieds Blaster ($60 / year value) [Webmaster plus only]
Send your ad[s] DAILY to 5000+ ADDITIONAL Free Classifieds - this will save you 100 hrs. of work over manual submissions each time you use it. New sites added in real time as they come online. 

4. NEW! 900+ Directories, Bookmarks and Article Submitter AND 100,000 Search Engines Submitter ($60 And $500 / year value) [Webmaster plus only]
Reach more kinds of sites to given your products, services, websites and more even broader exposure. The 100,000 Search Engine Submitter does the submissions to all search engines and directories for you automatically, monthly plus has all the tools too to increase your rankings.

5. NEW! Additional Standalone site replicate + Automation affiliate program included free on your plan ($600 value) - 
These are full version, never expire professional level products:
a] Classifieds Submitter Professional (worldwide) - Submit ads to 100s of pages.
b] Affiliate banner generator / leading - Used to increase traffic and SEO Rankings.
c] Network Submitter Professional - Submit to 1000s of forums, blogs and more...
d] Lead Mailer Professional - Automated Email Follow up, campaigns and autoresponders

6. Webmaster Submitter system - ($899 value) 
an expandable submissions system - able to do submissions to all types of sites. 

7. NEW! Automation Operating Systems ($97 value) [Webmaster plus only]
Automates submissions to 1000s and 1000s of more websites [all types] , includes updates for new sites added and allows

9. NEW! Guaranteed Targeted Visitors Bonus - Get over 20,000 to 100,000 visitors, tracking is on your eyes showing it on your ads! - ($200.00 - $800 value) Depending on the module you use, you could receive a total of 20,000 Visitors over 60 days, 40,000 Visitors over 60 days or 100,000 Visitors over 60 days. These are real, targeted by clicks, impressions and geo intervals target visitors (over 100s networks, sites and over 100 countries available). This feature is to jump start your business and get traffic to your website NOW.


See all its features and resources HERE.

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