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Introducing the worldwide totally automated advertising solution...



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  1. Find website(s) to post free ads at... 

  2. Scan website, wait for pages to download... find ad form. 

  3. Type in information by hand..

  4. Choose a category

  5. Press "SUBMIT"....wait...

  6. Repeat for next ads... This takes from 5 to 10 minutes per AD / website address.

  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for EVERY site you want to submit your ad[s] to.



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  1. Post on all websites in program. 

  2. You ad is stored in a special form - program converts, sends and submits all at once to all sites automatically. 

  3. You press SUBMIT  and it submits to multiple sites of any types. 

  4. Each submission takes seconds per site. 

  5. Webmaster Submitter will continue automatically with submissions... Keeping them running successfully.

  6. Worldwide coverage in seconds.

* One time payment for webmaster submitter and can use it forever.
* Post unlimited ads
* Ads never expired
* Includes one month membership.
* It requires monthly payments of $ 20 dollars (Includes more features and make revenues extra see HERE for more information).
* Includes Webmaster sumitter and webmaster plus.
----- BONUS -----
Website and free domain name
1 Year Hosting 
Business Portal
2,000 Business Card

See all its features and resources Check out HERE.

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Webmaster plus
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