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Diamond Design

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Html code: $799 (Simple settings)

Php code: $850 (Advanced settings)

- 20 Professionally designed pages and extra pages
- 20 Pictures/ graphic /Flash /Slides / Banners
- Full Flash Presentation(10 pages) 
- Promotional Campaign
- Photo Gallery
- Links with buttons or text
- 5 electronic form
- Audio/ Video streaming 
- 50 private email
- One hour per month maintenance
- Free domain name (www.yourname.com/)

Pre payment: $425 (To start design project)

Rest of payment: Finishing design (Sending invoice)

Project Term: 3-5 Business days

View Portfolios: HERE

Sales question: HERE

Become Reseller: HERE

Buy Platforms: HERE


 After make pre payment please let us know Code (html,php) design wanted and send all details needing to add through support tickets system HERE.

** Disclaimer: we start the project after its pre payment whereby is not refundable if you cancel for any reason.

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Diamond Design
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